Course leaders, lecturers and speakers: Ilya Strebulaev, Viktor Orlovsky, Anna Dvornikova, successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, partners in leading venture capital funds, angel investors, emeritus professors, financial and legal experts with deep practical experience.

Key points

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Created by experts and leaders in the field of venture capital and the creation of high-quality unique educational programs for top management personnel, the world's largest corporate and private investors, heads of state and regions

Based on 10 years of experience in creating venture capital programs,

such as Stanford University programs for MBA students, investors and executives

Adapted specifically for multi-language investors

Built with the optimal synergy of asynchronous virtual and live learning and communication

Organized through active group work and communication with mentors

Includes live case studies of startups and funds raising capital

Consists of a large number of academic and practical materials

Ensures the issuance of a NEIC certificate of successful completion of the Course

Allows you to become a member of the closed club of investors in the new economy

About the Course

Over the past 10 years, companies that focus on modern technologies and have attracted venture capital for their growth have not only been leaders in capitalization, but also determine the future of humanity.

Today, the combined capitalization of Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook exceeds $5.6 trillion. In just five years, these tech giants have nearly doubled in price. At the same time, there are still many areas in the world in which technology is just beginning to take the lead. In the next 10 years, digitalization will affect areas such as real estate, medicine, banking, education, energy, agricultural production and livestock. All these areas will spawn a large number of new super-successful technology companies.

Over the years, the leaders of the Course and the Club have created unique programs for a wide range of investors and entrepreneurs, from the top Silicon Valley Open Doors conference (Open doors to Silicon Valley) to the Stanford course and sessions for large investors around the world.

By taking our unique venture investing course, you will understand the intricacies of the venture capital business - from finding investment targets to portfolio management and exit strategies

You Will Learn
Venture Market Secrets

Venture Instruments


Detailed Process of Venture
Course Structure

The course takes place on a specialized platform.

All participants are divided into the groups of 6-8 people.

The platform has a detailed navigation through the learning process.

  • Theoretical part

    Hundreds of lectures by leading experts in the venture business - from 5 to 25 minutes on all major topics with presentation materials in the format of basic and advanced training

  • Practical part

    Over 200 examples and case studies, transaction documents and investment presentation examples. Case studies of successful and unsuccessful projects, comments on materials and presentation

  • Assignments and tests

    Over 200 tests (mini and extended tests)

    Over 100 individual tasks

  • Mentors

    Each group and participant is assigned a mentor - a professional in the field of venture investment

  • Live author's lectures

    From Ilya Strebulaev, Victor Orlovsky and the best experts in the venture business

  • Live cases

    Analysis of real live startups and funds raising money

  • Group works

    2 group work (6-8 people per group)

    Protecting an investment memorandum - an analysis of real startups raising funding

    Exchange of views with other groups

  • Professional and group dashboard

    Each participant can track their progress in real time

  • Collaboration tools

    Chat with mentors

    Forum - discussion of topics of interest to participants

    Expert comments

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10 weeks
Course Curriculum
Upon the finishing of the Course you become a member of an exclusive Club, where you can get:
  • Invaluable experience of communication with professionals in the field of venture capital investment

  • Communication with other investors

  • Up-to-date information on events in the venture capital market and trends
  • Networking with and presentations from top people from Silicon Valley and other global venture ecosystems

  • Access to syndicated deals at various funding stages

Briefly about the Club
Members of our exclusive Club:

• Actively discuss and share deals

• Get access to syndicated deals at different funding stages

• Find experts and mentors

• Receive comments on the latest news of the venture market, startups and

emerging technologies

• Learn unique professional content

Terms of membership in the Club:

• Mandatory course completion

• Compliance with the code of conduct for members of the Club

• The cost of membership in the Club is paid on an annual basis

Course Authors

  • -

    Distinguished Professor of Finance and Private Equity, Founder and Director of the Venture Initiative, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University; author of a course on venture capital for MBA students and corporate clients

  • Victor Orlovsky

    Founder of Fort Ross Ventures, ($350 million under management)

  • -

    Founder of the largest association of Russian-speaking professionals (AmBAR) and venture innovation forum (SVOD Conference), partner of TEC Ventures early investment fund

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