Alumni about the Course
  • I am very glad that I got on the course and met wonderful people. For me, this is a new, very important stage in my life. I really enjoy studying again. I am in search of my Life's Work, and it seems that I have found it. It's super significant. Exit from the corridor of thinking - to a new universe. You need to be able to reboot, shed the ashes of old patterns and old success. It's a very cool feeling to start climbing.

    Alexey Zagarin
    ex-CEO, Alfa Bank, Belarusia
  • The course lifts the veil over the world of venture investments - the world is tough, if not cruel. Without this knowledge, you run the risk of being O'Henry's heroes - Jeff Peters and Andy Tucker - who made money in the provinces and - lost everything in New York. A must for everyone who analyzes the possibility of venture investments or creates a startup.

    Mikhail Kosarev

    Head of industrial park M10, Leningrad region (a platform for more than 100 companies)

    Co-founder, Association of Young Scientists - Economists

  • Французское вино, Итальянская еда, Английское образование,
    Курс Венчурные инвестиции Кремниевой долины от NEIC.
    От всего вышеперечисленного истинное наслаждение и удовольствие гарантировано каждому. Отличные лекции, учебные материалы, практические кейсы, интервью с лидерами отрасли, новые связи, полное погружение в венчурный мир.
    Dmitriy Orlov

    Serial entrepreneur in FMCG and B2B, investor in public financial assets and several venture funds

    Athlete: 4 times Ironman, 20 marathons, Escape from Alcatraz, conquering the South Pole on a bike

  • The course definitely exceeded my expectations. I went to him to structure my practical experience and get an academic broad view of venture capital. But I was surprised to find that the course has an interesting game dynamics that awakens a gambling desire to absorb new material (and there is a lot of it) and work in groups on cases. It is also very valuable for me personally that the course reflects the material of many studies of the venture capital market and decades of statistics collected, I really lacked this for a complete picture.

    Nathalie Shagarina

    Journalist, entrepreneur

    Founder of the Edadil company - an aggregator of promotions and discounts with an audience of 10.5 million (the company was sold to Yandex Corporation in 2018)

    Product manager, Yandex

    Venture investor

  • In my 30 years in the IT industry, I have been actively involved in the creation of several successful IT companies. And each time the creation of the company is not like one another. And so life gave me the opportunity to take part in the First Group of the new course, which is conducted by Stanford University professor Ilya Strebulaev and Fort Ross Foundation managing partner Viktor Orlovsky. And I immediately decided to take part in it. And in the three weeks that have passed since the beginning of the training, this course has already paid off for me, from my point of view, because I got communication with other startups, communication with people who, like me, take an active position in investing. And, most importantly, understandable, clear and very logical material that I received!!! It seems to me that this is a unique education of people, and I am very pleased to be one of the first and participate in its creation.

    Alexander Gentsis

    Serial entrepreneur, founder

    Member of the Board of Directors, Diasoft

  • When Professor Strebulaev, one of the world's most sought-after speakers on this topic, shared with me the news about the creation of the NEIC club and a special course on venture capital investments, I never doubted for a minute that I wanted to take this training. Despite the high expectations that existed at the start, the creators of the course managed to surpass them. The quantity and quality of educational content, lecturers and experts speaking in live sessions make the NEIC course unique. This is the very case when we have before us not only the result of painstaking work, but also the product of the creative interaction of enthusiastic and talented people.

    Savva Shipov

    CDTO, Uralchem, former Secretary of State - Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Acting State Counselor of the Russian Federation, 1st class

  • The NEIC course is an optimal introduction to the world of venture capital from real practitioners - and this is its main value. Allocate 3 hours a day and in 6 weeks you will immerse yourself in this interesting and huge ocean of the new economy! The rest is up to you. Believe me - it's definitely worth it!

    Anton Rakhmanov

    Professional investor (with 25 years of experience) in public trading and financial instruments, stocks, bonds and derivatives

    Director, head of equity trading group at Renaissance Investment Management

    CEO, Sberbank Asset Management (formerly Troika Dialog)

    Deputy President - Chairman of the Board of BCS

    Managing Director, Large Private Wealth Management, Alfa-Bank

    Entrepreneur, athlete (open water swimming, triathlon, extreme sports)

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